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…says fear has kept private sector silentPull Quote:? “I am a Businessman not a Politician, but as a businessman and a citizen of this country it is my duty to say something is wrong when it is wrong, free of any fear of intimidation or victimization.”Proprietor of Guyana Stockfeeds Inc. (Guyana) and in Trinidad, as well as owner of the Pegasus International Hotel in Kingston, Georgetown, Robert Badal, yesterday came out and endorsed the Alliance for Change (AFC) “as the? most credible option to lead Guyana and all its peoples forward.”Badal who is no stranger to controversy and confrontation with the administration told media operatives that the reason that the private sector has not been even more vocal in their condemnation of the administration is out of fear.The Pegasus owner said that after 19 years of divisive and destructive politics under the PPP, there is little to show for the billions of dollars spent and the huge sacrifices made by every Guyanese.Robert Badal now in the fold of the AFCBadal, in explaining his endorsement for the AFC, told media operatives that the physical infrastructure of roads and drainage in the city and around the country remain poor while criminal activity, including daily robberies and murders go unchecked. There is no solution in sight. “Corruption has become the culture in public office,World Baseball Classic Jerseys, evidenced in the unexplained wealth of those in power…All institutions of the state designed to ensure public accountability have been deliberately marginalized and nonfunctional.”Badal said that those currently in power have little regard for the interest of young Guyanese, are lawless,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, and above the law.He added that in an authoritarian fashion the administration levies high taxes and spends the nation’s money as “if it belongs to them for the benefit of themselves and their friends.”The businessman is also of the opinion that over the past 12 years the economy has been stagnated by poor policies, micro-management, and square pegs in round holes.“Decisions are made on our behalf by those least competent to make those decisions resulting in the peoples resources being inefficiently deployed.”Badal said that after 19 years of promises “our country still has power outages many times a day…Poverty and unemployment are on the rise, our youths and many families on the sugar estates are facing an uncertain future.”He said that Guyana, a country with abundant natural and human resources remains poor with a large part of our population dependent on remittances from families overseas while those in power and their friends continue to accumulate multiple houses, and unexplained wealth at the expense of the struggling masses.“How could an intelligent and resourceful people allow its country to degenerate to this level? The answer? Poor choices. Poor choices over the past 12 years.”He lashed out saying that the PPP,Adam Joseph Duhe Dolphins Jersey, burdened by an old, outdated Marxist ideology, the members of which being dominated by a few in authority, who resist every call for change or new thinking, whose interest conflict with the interest of the masses of Guyanese, have consistently played on the insecurity of indo-Guyanese as a means of retaining power.He described the PPP as the one-time people’s party based on sound principles of honesty, integrity and progressive policies led by the late Dr Cheddi Jagan but stressed that this has been allowed to degenerate into moral decay, arrogance, massive corruption, abuse of power and authoritarian rule, single-handedly by the (Bharrat) Jagdeo administration.“Any opposing view or comment by the private sector or media is met with victimization and intimidation using every institution of the state, by Mr Jagdeo himself, like a madman from hell.”He said that instead of condemning the abuses the cheer leaders within the PPP applaud Jagdeo on every instance.“The result is a very timid and demoralized private sector.”Badal,http://www.soccerpro.us.com/Argentina/, who is not on the AFC list of candidates,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, said, “I am a businessman not a politician, but as a businessman and a citizen of this country it is my duty to say something is wrong when it is wrong, free of any fear of intimidation or victimization.“Our bill of rights as a citizen has been largely removed.”He said that Guyana after 19 years under the PPP/C and its leaders who he says have no answer to the many problems including crime and poverty which is the product of wholesale corruption against the people by those who control power, now turn its aggression on the media in an attempt to block the call of progressive forces for change.“It is a national disgrace and shame that after 19 years in office,Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale, the majority of Guyanese families cannot afford a laptop computer.”Badal says that he is confident that an administration led by the AFC will restore decency and integrity to Government, ensure transparency and accountability to Guyanese, and halt the accelerating web of corruption.“It will restore professionalism in the public service, including the police and military forces, crucial to tackling the frightening crime situation.”

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